xsparklinstar3x (xsparklinstar3x) wrote in iheartdegrassi,

heyy i went to the degrassi meet n greet today in natick, ma. at the natick mall with the actors who play Jay and Alex on the show, check behind the cut for the pictures ... here's some of my pics ...

hope u like em! -courtney
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who are they?Ive never heard of them before..that kinda sucks that you met not really known characters!

I met "JT"-Ryan Cooley and "EMMA"-Miriam McDonald when they came to the Altamonte Mall in Orlando, Florida.It was amazing.I love them!!
lucky!! i would kill to meet them!! lol do you have any pics from it?
yea, i LOVED meeting them!!!Because you dont know who its gonna be there until you get there!!!!I dont have them online.I have them on my camera phone, and I went with my youth leader to meet them, so she has them.i will get them asap.XO
oo thats awesome!! lol you seem cool .. add me?