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This is crossposted to a few Degrassi communities, because I'm not sure how many people actually know what I'm talking about.

Okay, first of all, does ANYBODY here know FTP?? OR have most of the episodes downloaded?? If so, look behind the cut.(And if you do know these things, it'll be worth your time)

I have seen 3 episodes of Degrassi. Nobody I know, or me, has the channel. I have a sad life and only have access to a cable modem about once a month, lol, so Soulseek isn't an option either. I fell in love with this show. I'm dying to see all the episodes, lol.

I have my website I do and such. I just bought a new domain name, so it'll be up in a week or so. It has unlimited space and bandwidth. You can que up a bunch, so as long as the computer is on, and you are connected to the internet, it can be transferring. You can be doing other things as well. If you don't already know FTP, it's like, super easy. I'll give you a tutorial.

So if you want to be nice and upload the episodes for me, I'll return the favor(read below). Even if you can only do one season. I'll still return the favor, if you can do more than one, then I'll be even more generous :D. Each episode takes about an hour, but you can be doing other things online and such while it's going on. The only 2 episodes I have, are AWH parts 1 & 2. So don't worry about those. Still, I have nothing of Seasons 1, 2, or 3. I don't know when season 4 is starting up, but I'd like that one too eventually.

So here's how I'll return the favor, I'll either:
a)Give you AWH part 1 & 2 if you don't have it already.
b)Give you your own space on my domain. You could have a website there, or just use it for photo hosting and such.
c)Get you a paid account. If you already have a paid account, I'll get you extra user picture space.

Also, I'm not stingy. I'll share when I can on Soulseek and such(which isn't often, but hey). I know how to do caps, icons, mini-movie icons, so I'll contribute to the community.

A small favor for a favor :) If you can help, comment, and leave your e-mail, so I can contact you. Mine is BeautifulMess993@hotmail.com


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