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Recent Degrassi Episode Downloads

Alright, a lot of you in all of the Degrassi communities have been asking about recent episodes and the notorious "Accidents Will Happen". Because I am so generous when I am not parked in front of the computer, I will share with you all the episodes I have. I am not going into detail about those episodes, but I will list the ones I downloaded in case you would like them.

-314: Accidents Will Happen - Part 1 (not shown on The-N)
-315: Accidents Will Happen - Part 2 (not shown on The-N)
-320: I Want Candy (2 weeks ago on The-N)
-321: Our House (This past weekend on The-N)
-322: Power of Love (This Friday, the season finale, on The-N)

They are all in Windows Media Player format, so most of you should be able to watch them.

So, anyone interested?

Go to this address. Either copy and paste it into your address bar or just click it.

Click on the files you want, copy them, and paste them where you want them on your own computer. It will go like a regular download. If you have a download manager, just double-click on it and let it go.

That is a link to my FTP address, which is basically an internet url connection to my computer. The only folder you guys have access to is my Degrassi folder, which contains the episodes above. I warn you though, if I get a shitload of people (and by "shitload", I mean more than 5 at a time) leeching from me, I will begin to cancel transfers. I will also not allow more than 2 transfers at a time while I am on the computer. If you'd like to download any of the episodes from me and I cancel your download, just IM me at SpiderAnathema on AIM and I'll let you know what's up and when you can get it again. If you're not sure if it's okay to download, also IM me. If you get an away message response, then it's okay to download since I'm not at the computer.

One more thing. I will not be the link for everyone to get "Accidents Will Happen" from. Seriously, I am doing this for people who want the other episodes along with it, not for the people crying for AWH. Got it?

Enjoy. :)
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